Maximize Your Vehicle’s Value

Maximize Your Vehicle’s Value Guide

Answer the following questions when submitting your vehicle to maximize it's value

Maximize Your Vehicle's Value

1. Does your vehicle come with its original factory alloy wheels?


2. Does your vehicle have all-season tires and do they have more than 50% of their original tread?

Warning Lights

3. Are there any engine or warning lights on the dash when your vehicle is running?


4. Do you service your vehicle regularly and have you replaced any wear components recently, such as brakes?

Photo Upload

  • Submit a VIN and a minimum of 12 clear photos, including one of the dash while the vehicle is running
  • Use a well-lit area
  • Use a coin to help show tire tread depth
  • Disclose any damages to the vehicle so there are no surprises later
How to take trade photos